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Cafe&Factory. A fresh idea.

Cafe&Factory is a chain of coffee shops that brings together traditional coffee shop experience and factory production. Specially designed industrial coffee bean grinders, provide clients with the freshly ground coffee on demand. The slogan „Fresh idea“ summarized the shop concept, and Cafe&Factory belief that „everything is better fresh“. „Re:Fresh“ concept offers the promise to clients that every day is a new possibility for a fresh start. Packaging design concept for the espresso blends was based on numerology, giving each blend a number that reflects coffee blend character and suggests its particular role in daily routine. Promotional materials like „Book of numbers“ raised awareness about deeper meaning of the numbers, encouraging clients to experiment with different blends.


Cafe&Factory Booklet


Cafe&Factory Packaging


Cafe&Factory Box and Bags

Cafe&Factory Cards


Cafe&Factory Palette